Blog Stats

Which tools were effective/not so effective?

The tools that were effective were definitely the premade skins for the website. I liked that I could go through the premade already designed website skeletons and choose one. I ended up choosing one that I think really goes with the whole health/wellness vibe of my whole blog, and I also really enjoyed the format of it. The tool that I didn’t like was the add media tool. I think the website could definitely make it easier to add photos onto the blog. Not only did the quality of the photo drastically decrease many times, getting it where you wanted exactly is really difficult. It should just let you drag to resize and place the image and the words should automatically wrap around.

How would I improve the website?

As said previously I would definitely improve the add media tool. Just to make it easier to place the photo exactly where you wanted in the blog post. I would integrate the use of gifs into the post, I think currently, it is so easy to communicate your feelings through gifs because there are so many out there that relate to any and every topic. I could always be able to find a gif that goes along with my post, and it would give it some more personality.  I’d also want to make it more interactive, kind of like instagram stories, so I could add a poll, or posit a question that could be answered anonymously.

How could I benefit from this in the future?

Well, currently my job in the US Air National Guard is a photojournalist. I work for the 20170705_104950Public Affairs office, and I do everything from take the photos, to writing the article or post about it. Then it goes through my chain of command to get approved, then it’s shown to the public. This will help me in the future by helping me write better captions to photos and writing better articles with formatting that will make people want to continue reading. I also am commissioning with the USMC in June as a public affairs officer and it will help me in reviewing all the submissions I get to choose which goes to the public. I will choose one with formatting and word choice that will make the everyday person continue to read.

My stats

My most popular week so far has been this last week with 21 view and 14 visitors. I 2018-12-09 (2)believe this is just due to the fact I now have 6 followers and they look at my posts as well as the people who happen upon it. My most popular post so far has been my Debunking common vegan misconceptions part 1 post with 13 views. Many people go to this I think because if they’re considering veganism than it would answer some questions they may have. Also, sometimes mentioning your vegan causes arguments, and oftentimes you have to defend yourself with some knowledge. So it’s nice to have some of the most common misconceptions in one article that you can reference. My most popular day was Tuesdays at noon which I was surprised about considering I usually post at night. I don’t have any social media stats i’d like to share. I made my twitter just to promote these posts, so I don’t think I got any views off of my twitter promotions.

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