Debunking common vegan misconceptions part 1

There are so many misconceptions about veganism. Mostly coming from stereotypes and misinformation on the topic.


I get it we all like to laugh, sometimes the vegan memes on Imgur and Instagram make me laugh too. The only problem I have with them is it spreads ignorant ideals as if they’re fact. Some people will see them and think the joke is accurate. I’m here to address and debunk some common ones that I hear on an almost daily basis:

“Vegans don’t get enough protein”

I mention this one first because as an athlete in male dominated sports, i’d say this is the one I hear the most. People genuinely think they won’t get enough protein on a vegan diet. This is most definitely not true, there are so many plant-based protein options out there.

Instagram: @BeyondMeat

I lift often, work out every day. I have no issue with energy or getting “enough” protein. Not only are there plenty of faux meat high protein options like the Beyond Meat Burger, but there is also the obvious tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, nuts, edamame, all which are high in protein. I’ve never even had to keep track of how much protein intake i’m getting, it’s never been an issue. I’ve always had enough, and like I said I am an athlete.



In fact there are many vegan bodybuilders I follow on instagram, just to name a few, @nimai_delgado@biancataylorm@jonvenus not to mention the professional athletes who are vegan. If one wasn’t getting enough protein they could never play sports at a professional level. Examples include Venus Williams (professional tennis player), Tia Blanco (professional surfer), & Nate Diaz (UFC fighter). They aren’t just professional fighters. They’re at the top of their respective game. Nate Diaz is one of the best fighter in the whole UFC pound for pound. No way he could play such a physically demanding sport if he wasn’t getting enough protein.

“I could never eat that healthy”

This one really makes me laugh. I do understand why some people think this way. Many vegans do eat much healthier than the average person, plus veganism in it’s essence is just healthier period. Even so, there are so many vegans that eat unhealthy, or have their occasional junk food binge. After all, Oreo’s are vegan. Plus, with the rising popularity of plant-based alternatives there are so many vegan recipes for classic baked good recipes. Pies, cookies, brownies, cakes the list goes on.

People choose to go vegan for so many different reasons, some people for health, but some people purely because they feel an ethical and moral obligation for animals. Over time many people end up healthier than they began but just because one is vegan doesn’t necessarily mean they’re eating healthy.

“I only buy grass fed beef/free range eggs”

Cognitive dissonance. Most people wouldn’t like to think or even know about the horrors of a factory farm. Many people choose not to educate themselves, and many just truly don’t know about what happens in a factory farm. Cognitive dissonance comes into this argument because of the many people that do understand the awful practices of the factory farm and push away that knowledge, or try to justify it by saying they only buy ethical animal products.

“Free range” farm Photo courtesy by: Xcx

Hate to say it, but there is no such thing. If one is consuming or exploiting animals in any way (and there are so many ways) they are complicit in these horrors. Even if they’re buying from a farm or farmer they know personally (while that is definitely the preferred option if they’re going to continue consuming animal products) they’re still exploiting a sentient being for their own personal gain.  I’d sleep better at night if I knew that these poor defenseless creatures didn’t have to endure such horrors, but they do. They are enduring it right now, millions of creatures who have emotions and feelings and can feel pain. They don’t understand why this is happening. There’s no reason for it to be happening. This is going to be something in a hundred or so years that the younger generation is going to look at in disgust and horror.

The animal industry would like people to believe there is a way to exploit animals in an ethical way, but there just isn’t. Free range eggs are much less “free” than anyone would like to believe. I’d like to go on, but for the sake of the length of this post I’m going to end here.

Abused “free range” chickens Photo: Compassion Over Killing

If you’d like to learn more about “free range” eggs (yes the quotations were intentional) then please feel free to learn more here. I will be posting at least a 2nd part to this post, and one dedicated to the horrors of factory farming. In the meantime please please please don’t just take my word for it. Do your own research! There are so many resources out there.


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