What is Veganism

1. The choice to not consume any animal products or animal derivatives.

There could be many reasons for this choice, health, animals, environment, allergy, etc. No matter what the choice, if someone is vegan it means that they don’t consume any sort of animal products. This includes ALL meat, beef, pork, chicken fish, venison, etc. Many people confuse veganism with other things and often time just think it means no red meat. It also includes all animal derivatives, milk, cheese, eggs, any and all dairy, honey, white sugar (processed and whitened using animal bone char), gelatin, and even some wine. The goal is to eat only a plant based diet.

2. Not exploiting animals in any way

This means using animals for your personal gain. Ethical vegans do not use any products that were tested on animals. This includes makeup products, food products, this particularly gets hard because many companies say their cruelty free but really just have a 3rd party company do it so they can say their “brand” is cruelty free, even when it truly isn’t. Vegans wouldn’t ride in a horse drawn carriage or go horseback riding, they wouldn’t go to zoos or petting zoos. Sea World especially is known for its cruel practices and abuse of the animals in it’s care. If you wan’t to know more about that, definitely check out blackfish, a movie on the topic.

3. An environmental choice.

Many people are aware of global warming and it’s effect on our planet and all of it’s inhabitants. Many people even make choices specifically to lower their carbon footprint, like buying electric cars or reducing their use of plastic. What they aren’t aware of is just how much the factory farming industry is contributing to almost 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. I can’t think of a single choice an individual could make that would make a more significant impact on global warming. Imagine if we no longer consumed animals, the impact on the planet would be so great. Then we could start tackling other issues.