“I Love Vegan” blog review

Let me just start off by saying this is a 100% positive review of Brittany and Williams blog. If you’re looking for some tea, sorry to disappoint.

So i’m just going to give you some examples of why this blog is so amazing,

The layout is simple, and easy on the eyes

This is definitely important, many people when they click on a blog and don’t really understand what its about or it looks bad don’t investigate any further they just click off. With their blog it is so easy to figure out what its about, and even has a start here tab with a quick introduction of what their blog is about. So no confusion whatsoever.

Screenshot of I Love Vegan

Great for beginners

We all love some great vegan content, but the people who really need it are the people who are not informed and curious or the people who are trying to transition and are looking for more information. Growing up in a society surrounded by meat eating makes transitioning to veganism (for some) a stressful and time consuming task. Especially for those who consumed meat and dairy with every meal. Some people just don’t know where to start. Veganism isn’t just eating like bunnies, which to my chagrin is what many people believe.

Veganism isn’t just the same meals sans meat/dairy. That doesn’t sound so appealing, but there are so many great tasting simple recipes out their that aren’t imitating anything with meat or cheese on the plate it’s its own entity. Not only does it answer frequently asked questions it also has an amazing grocery resource. The basic vegan shopping list. Links like these helped me so much in the beginning, it definitely makes the transition easier and hopefully helps some people go and stay vegan!

Great easy, healthy recipes

This blog has so many yummy recipes, if you’re ever wondering what to make, or just curious about some cool vegan recipes look no further! Many people find themselves, after many years of eating as an omni, craving meals they used to have on a frequent (or maybe infrequent) basis and haven’t had the opportunity to because they now don’t consume products that cause harm, or maybe are just concerned about their health. This is a great resource to find some good imitation or alternative recipes for you to enjoy that is still cruelty free and healthy. For example the other day off of this blog I had some amazing raw Pad Thai (one of my faves). It was so good! I never even thought I could make something like that so easily, but I was given step by step instructions and it turned out perfect!

How to balance your meals

This blog also really helps people balance out their meals in order to get all their nutrients they need in a day. So many people grew up relying on meat for their protein and nutrients and many don’t know how to transition in a way that wouldn’t harm their health. This gives many suggestions on how and what to eat if you’re trying to get enough of one particular nutrient or vitamin. Especially since everyone, if you’re just converting to veganism, will be extremely concerned about your nutrient intake. You’ll be able to spout some knowledge about how much of every nutrient you need you’re absorbing from a natural and healthy, cruelty free source.

Check them out here!

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