Feminism & Veganism

Feminism and veganism

Whenever I say this one out loud many times I get rolled eyes, and scoffs. Sometimes people get personally offended and laugh at me or insult me. For some reason veganism and feminism make people so up in arms. Many people have feminist ideals (gender equality) and even refuse to identify as a feminist. Feminists get such a bad rep and so does veganism, I feel like a big reason for this is the online community. Many people when they think of feminist they think of the classic “Feminazi” which is just a radical feminist. Those are the ones that attack people on social media and have the wrong idea of feminism. Feminazi’s often believe feminism means female superiority, when by definition it just means gender equality. Veganism I feel gets a similar reputation, because some vegans attack meat eaters on social media. Then people get this negative stigma of both. There are definitely some outliers in both groups who think attacking people on social media is the way to go, but that is not a good representation of either groups.

So, how is veganism a feminist issue?

Animals bodies are objectified.

We are as a society using animals body for our personal pleasure or gain. Just as in society many times women are objectified. For example, in ads for men women are sexualized and reduced to props. Women are also, according to rainn 90% more likely to get raped, sexually assaulted, beaten, harassed or murdered. That is due to society’s view of women as pleasurable objects for men, instead of fully aware, intelligent, sentient beings. Well the same can be said for non humans as well, we as a society are completely disregarding (unless it’s a cute pet) that animals have feeling, and can feel pain.

They are sentient beings as well, and yet we routinely murder them and consume their flesh for our pleasure. Yes, pleasure, not necessity. We also use animals to test out products, or conduct horrible scientific experiments on them. We’ve even have normalized things like SeaWorld and circuses that abuse animals for our entertainment. People really don’t see an issue with these things because society say’s it’s okay, and people never think more deeply about how these animals are being treated and that their purchase of a ticked, or a carton of eggs, or cows milk, is directly contributing to this abuse.

It normalizes rape culture

Rape culture is all about controlling people’s bodies. Particularly women’s bodies. In our society it’s not an uncommon argument, there’s birth control, abortion, etc. when girls get sexually assaulted one of the most common questions is “what was she wearing?” As if that should actually make a difference. Female animals endure a life of repeated rape, and constant pregnancies, then after they no longer produce enough milk are slaughtered for their meat.

In order to produce milk female cows have to be inseminated. “Rape racks” —an actual industry term for the device used to restrain animals during insemination— are used to rape and impregnate the cow, the once they give birth the calf is then taken away locked in a wooden crate until they are killed for veal. The mother screams out for her child for weeks, it causes them great stress to have their babies taken away. They are then milked and the process continues for 3-5 years when their bodies give out (normally that’d be around 25 years instead of 3-5) until they no longer produce enough milk and then are slaughtered. Most for fast food burgers.

As feminists, to consume raped and tortured non-human animal bodies, while fighting against rape culture, seems a topic worthy of investigation.


Feminism must include ALL oppressed groups. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, so to avoid repetition ad nauseam i’m going to just link my previous post. Feel free to check it out —> here.

Our society spreads lies about animals

There are so many excuses used to try and justify misogyny and rape culture. As mentioned previous in the post, when people ask what the female was wearing. As if what she were wearing could really make her “ask” to have a man forced upon her. “men are just more sexual than women,” “boys will be boys,” etc. The same type of justification an be used for meat eating. “I could never give up cheese,” “it tastes too good” both of these examples are naturalizing this horrible system of oppression.

woman hugged the man sitting on concrete pavement
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com

Other examples of excuses include:

  • “Humane” killing
  • I need the protein (See my 2nd post here)
  • I only eat “free range/grass fed”

While cheese and burgers truly may taste great, you are directly supporting the abuse of a sentient being. It deflects from the systemic reality that non-human animals are tortured, slaughtered, and raped so that we can eat to satisfy our addictions to taste.

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