Why did I go vegan?

Most of us have grown up our whole lives consuming meat and animal products. Don’t feel bad about it! It’s the society we live in, and right now by reading blogs like mine and others you’re taking steps to become a healthier and cruelty free individual. Becoming vegan for some people it tough, and I totally understand that. For me It was never hard because even growing up I never really liked meat, the thought of eating an animal off it’s own bone grossed me out from a young age. That’s not the case for many people though, and I totally understand that.

Cheese and dairy was a little different for me. I do remember missing cheese and sour cream on my tacos, or wanting a bagel with cream cheese, or a salad with feta on it. I

sliced cheese on brown table top
Photo by NastyaSensei Sens on Pexels.com

didn’t really understand in the beginning of my transition that the dairy industry is just as cruel as the factory farming industry. I ended up watching an instagram story of an Australian guy who is vegan, and an animal activist named Matt Cama. I happened across his page accidentally, I had just started my transition because my girlfriend at the time and all of my 4 other roommates were vegan, so I just started following other vegans, and vegan profiles like Jon Venus, Veg source (a great vegan meme page), and Matt Cama as well.

One day I was just looking through my instagram stories and was watching his,  and at first he was explaining what he was about to, which was sneak into a factory farm and document the atrocities that were going on in the factory. It was also a warning because there was definitely some graphic content to come. I started watching it and was just absolutely shocked and disgusted, and just sad about all these sweet animals that were getting abused. At one point he even showed how they killed cows and before the cow was even dead would start to skin it alive while the cow was screaming and thrashing. It was so harsh and sad, but it needs to be shown. People don’t know this is really what’s really going on. Afterwards he has posted a screenshot of a dm he’d received saying “good thing im vegetarian” and right after that Matt explained that while its better to at least be vegetarian, the dairy industry is just as cruel and harsh and vegetarians are contributing to that. I had honestly never connected that. After that my veganism was reinforced tenfold and since then have never really questioned it or would be willing to go back.

brown cattle on green lawn grass during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Everyone’s story is different and everyone has their own life and personal struggles. My reasons for going vegan will absolutely be different than yours and the reasons behind it may be as well. My girlfriend at the time only went vegan for health. Which is a good reason! In time it transformed into everything else like for animals, and for the environment. Same for me, I originally went vegan for the animals and slowly it progressed as my knowledge did, into for many other reasons. If you are considering veganism, I understand the transition may be difficult but I promise once you get the hang of it its not hard anymore. The beginning is rough because people think vegans only eat salads and greens, so they aren’t feeling fulfilled. As you try different things you’ll find the diet that you like and can easily stick with it. Just continue to do your research and look up fun recipes and find some vegan restaurants near you! You might even try and connect with some vegans in your area. That one on one really helped me with recipes and with general questions I had.

Feel free to contact me with any questions! Good Luck!

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